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Benefits of Living in a Detached Garage Home

Village at Griesbach offers a wide variety of gorgeous detached garage homes! You can find beautiful detached garage homes built by Impact Homes and Concept Homes! There are several benefits to living in a detached garage home. If you’re looking to build your family’s dream home, a detached garage home in Griesbach may be the best choice! Read on to learn more about the abundance of benefits you’ll find when you build a detached garage home in Griesbach!

What is a Detached Garage Home?

At its core, a detached garage home is a single family home that has the garage as a separate structure on the lot that is not connected to the home. Typically, in new communities, detached garages are accessed from the back of the home with an alleyway. Detached garage homes have a classic architectural aesthetic and design. In Village at Griesbach, all of our classic architectural styles that are available in the community can be built as a detached garage. Detached garage homes offer several benefits for buyers looking to build their new home!

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What are the Benefits of Building a Detached Garage Home?

1. Affordable, Single Family Home

Detached garage homes offer incredibly affordable pricing and come in at a lower price point than an attached garage home. If you’re looking for a single family home as an upgrade, but you’re not sure about the cost of an attached garage, detached garage homes give you all the privacy and freedom of a single family home without the added stress of a higher mortgage.

2. Gorgeous Curb Appeal

There’s no denying that a detached garage home has a beautiful street aesthetic. Detached garage homes have porches and porticos, front walks, large windows, columns, added roof designs, aesthetic siding design, and more. The primary, aesthetic features of a detached garage home provide a beautiful streetscape that is sure to be desired!

3. Plenty of Design Options

One of the great benefits of a detached garage home is that you can personalize and customize so many different elements. Having the garage separate means you can do more with colours and materials for your exterior siding and design elements of your home, plus you can design your garage as well! Detached garage homes are also still single family homes, which means you can upgrade and personalize the floor plan of your home to your heart’s content!

4. Reduced Noise

Detached garage homes are a fantastic option if you plan to use our garage as a workspace.You won’t hear music, hammers, saws, or any other noise coming from the garage! The separation reduces noise pollution that comes from the garage to the home. There’s also reduced noise from the garage door opening and closing, so if your kids are asleep as you’re arriving home from date night, no one’s getting woken up!

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5. Easier Temperature Control

By keeping the garage separate from the home, it’s far easier to keep your house warm and toasty when temperatures drop. Opening a garage door brings in a lot of cold air all at once, so it’s hard to keep your home isolated from the cold when the garage is connected to the house. The same goes for the heat of summer, by keeping your garage separate you’re keeping the cool air of your home inside and the warm air outside.

6. Separate Income Suites

Basement suites are wonderful, but they do come with the disadvantage of losing some of your home’s usable space as well as autonomy. When you buy a detached garage home, you can instead build a garage suite! This means the income suite is built on top of your garage and doesn’t take away any of your usable space, provides more privacy for yourself and your tenants, plus you can provide tenants with more natural light and fresh air – a premium advantage! Garage suites can also be used as private offices, home-based businesses, or even as a bonus room!

7. More Privacy

Detached garage homes are much more private than an attached garage home, as, typically, home owners will enter and leave the house from the back of the lot. Not needing to leave out the front of your home offers some additional privacy as there’s no way for people to know if your home is empty or not. 

8. Enjoy a Front Yard

Detached garage homes allow you to have usable space in your front yard, providing more greenery and landscaping options for the front of your home. Front yards are both aesthetically pleasing and offer a pleasant buffer between your home and the road.They also offer you a wonderful chance to meet your neighbours! Spend time on your front porch and get to know everyone on your street! 

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9. More Natural Light

Because detached garage homes have the garage in the back of the lot, there is more opportunity for windows throughout the entire exterior. The front of your home can have large bump out windows similar to the back of the home, providing more natural light and a spacious feel. 

Detached garage homes offer so many benefits! If you’re looking to build a new, single family home in Griesbach, a detached garage home is a fantastic option! Visit our show home parade on Greenaway Avenue to learn more about building a detached garage home. All of our builders currently offer detached garage as an option!

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