Single family homes with beautiful curb appeal at the right price for your family!


Village at Griesbach is built upon land that was once CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Edmonton, also known as Griesbach Barracks. That makes the entire community an infill development! You can get a gorgeous infill home in a mature neighbourhood in north Edmonton and save in the process!



When you buy an infill in Griesbach, you don’t have to worry about home removal and existing infrastructure in the lot! Lot fees in Griesbach are incredibly affordable as the lot fees are wrapped within our One & Done pricing, so you get your lot with a garage, fence, deck, and landscaping included! When you build in Griesbach, your infill home also doesn’t include any demolition costs, and the permitting is all handled by your builder. If you’re looking for an infill, Griesbach will save you money and time!

Street featuring a row of infill homes in Village at Griesbach / Rue avec une rangée de maisons intercalaires au Village à Griesbach.

If you're looking to build an Edmonton infill home, choose Village at Griesbach, not Inglewood or Glenora. Other communities that offer infill homes like Calder and Sherbrooke require far more hassle and there are less available lots. With Griesbach, you just need to choose your dream lot and home style – your builder handles the rest!

Village at Griesbach offers many advantages for building an infill home! Griesbach is a mature neighbourhood in north Edmonton with a wide variety of lots to choose from, whereas other infills require finding a specific lot with development potential. Griesbach is conveniently located just 12 minutes from downtown, whereas other infill options can require long commutes. Compared to other infill options, Griesbach has shorter build times, a number of builders and floorplans to choose from. Griesbach already has gorgeous parks, walking trails, playgrounds, and other fantastic community amenities! In Griesbach, all the required zoning and permitting is already completed for you by your builder — which means no personal liability on your part.

Benefits of Infill Housing Developments


More Versatility

Infill homes let you build a home that fits you and your family in a community you want. There are personalizations and customized options in Griesbach so you can build your perfect home in a fantastic community. 


Established Amenities, Businesses, and Schools

Infill development is a fantastic choice as you get to live near established businesses, schools, and amenities. One of the downsides of brand new communities is that you often have to travel a great distance to find all your retail and enjoyment, but when you build in an established area, your brand new home is right next to everything you need!


Commuting is Easy

Infill homes are built in areas that have already been developed, which means that all your roads, transit, and connections are completed and ready for use. You don’t need to worry about as much road construction in infill communities! Infill communities like Griesbach are also much closer to the city centre.


Environmentally Friendly

Infill housing is better for the environment than living in a new community. This is because the land development has already been completed. Village at Griesbach’s infill housing has even more environmental initiatives as the community is committed to building green, and Griesbach has 23% of its land saved for greenspaces and amenities, and the community has saved plenty of trees and natural resources.


Increases Walkability

Infill building helps a city continue to grow and develop without consistently growing outward, which both helps provide capacity for a growing population and increases a city’s walkability. Edmonton’s has stated a plan to create a ‘15 minute city’, which means that all necessities are found within a 15 minute walk. Infill communities, particularly Griesbach, accomplish this goal!


Financial Stability

Infill developments often lead to an increase in amenity usage, so city services are able to connect with more residents for less cost. Infill communities are more financially stable as there is less need to build sewer systems and other infrastructure.


Infilling Keeps Neighbourhoods Alive

Infilling revitalizes older parts of the city to ensure that mature neighbourhoods don’t die out or become dilapidated. Infill communities bring new life and a more diverse group of people to established communities. Many young families want a new home, and infill is an option that allows families with young children to have their brand new home while still living in a mature neighbourhood.

garage suites icon Icône représentant un appartement au-dessus du garage.

Village At Griesbach is Income Property Friendly!  A Number Of Lots Have Been Zoned For Garage Suites and Basement Suites

Garage Suites offer you the chance to make extra income or provide housing for family or staff while still maintaining privacy and home separation. Income suites are a fantastic addition to add value to your infill home, and Village at Griesbach is the perfect location for it!


An infill home is a space that has been redeveloped and a new home is built. This can include demolishing an old home and building one or two new infills. However, in Griesbach, every purchased lot is an infill home! Each home is built on redeveloped land in an established neighbourhood.

 Infill homes in Griesbach are less expensive than other infills. This is because there are no demolition fees, and our One & Done pricing includes the cost of your garage, deck, fence, and landscaping! Visit our show homes to talk to builders about the cost of a new infill home in Griesbach!

For many lots, yes! Village at Griesbach has several lots available that are zoned for adding a garage suite and other income suites to the property. Many of our detached garage home lots are able to accommodate garage suites. 

he entire community of Village at Griesbach is an infill community development! All of our available lots are infill lots.

Infill housing is actually better for the environment than other new construction. This is because no new land needs to be readied for developments. Griesbach infill is even greener, as there is also no need for demolishing an existing structure. Every lot is ready to be built on.

Village at Griesbach is the better infill option when it comes to building in Edmonton!

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