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About Canada Lands COmpany

Canada Lands Company, the developer of Village at Griesbach, is a self-financing, federal commercial Crown corporation who specialises in real estate and development along with attractions management. Canada Lands Company’s parent company and sole shareholder is CLCL, which reports to the Parliament of Canada through the Minister of Public Services and Procurement.

Canada Lands Company operates at arm’s-length from the government in acquiring properties from various federal departments, agencies and Crown corporations. Canada Lands Company optimizes the financial and community value of these strategic government properties that are no longer needed for program purposes.


Canada Lands Company works to enrich the lives of Canadians by building on the potential of the land it owns and operates, developing memorable experiences for all who visit.

Canada Lands Company receives no government appropriations and pays any profits not required for its operations as annual dividends to the federal government. Since its reactivation in 1995, Canada Lands Company has achieved success in its many endeavours across the country, including contributions of over $1-billion to the Government of Canada as payment for properties, elimination of carrying costs, payment of taxes and declarations of dividends.

The company also holds and operates a number of well recognized properties, such as the CN Tower and Downsview Park in Toronto, and the Old Port of Montréal.

Canada Lands Company Limited reports all results and the company’s strategic direction to the Government of Canada, as well as complies with Crown corporation policy to publicly disclose all travel and hospitality expenses. Canada Lands Company Limited also respects the Government of Canada policies that govern its business, while adhering to its own policies and guidelines.  

For more information about Canada Lands Company’s activities over the years, we encourage you to browse our success stories and view our annual reports archive at 

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Village at Griesbach is getting ready to grow, again! The well-situated and master-planned community of Village at Griesbach will be welcoming a new mix of housing styles, parks, open spaces and amenities. Growing Griesbach has begun a conversation with current residents, Indigenous communities, stakeholders and the general public about the exciting opportunity. As the project continues to grow and develop new phases, our goal is to keep Village at Griesbach the new community of choice in north Edmonton. 

Village at Griesabch acknowledges the traditional land on which we reside is in Treaty Six Territory.

We would like to thank the diverse Indigenous Peoples whose ancestors’ footsteps have marked this territory for centuries, such as nêhiyaw (Nay-hee-yow) / Cree, Dené (Deh-neyh), Anishinaabe (Ah-nish-in-ah-bay) / Saulteaux (So-toe), Nakota Isga (Na-koh-tah ee-ska) / Nakota Sioux (Na-koh-tah sue), and Niitsitapi (Nit-si-tahp-ee) / Blackfoot peoples. We also acknowledge this as the Métis’ (May-tee) homeland and the home of one of the largest communities of Inuit south of the 60th parallel. It is a welcoming place for all peoples who come from around the world to share Edmonton as a home. Together we call upon all of our collective, honoured traditions and spirits to work in building a great city for today and future generations.