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Sustainable Community Projects

Village at Griesbach’s Sustainability Initiatives

Griesbach is a community that practices sustainability in all aspects of development. We want to take care of the environment through our home building, amenity features, and daily living! Village at Griesbach has over 23% of the community’s land devoted to sustainable greenspaces.

What Does Sustainability Look Like in Griesbach?

Sustainability in Griesbach is about ensuring that we are doing everything we can to help the environment! A major initiative for sustainability Village at Griesbach has partnered with Alvéole, an urban beekeeping company who install honeybee hives in urban areas!

Village at Griesbach Bees

Village at Griesbach is hosting beehives starting in Spring 2022!

Each hive will contain up to 50,000 individuals, all of which will contribute to pollination in Griesbach and making honey! Bees in urban areas are completely safe. They aren’t interested in stinging people or being a nuisance, their one goal is to gather nectar and pollen from plants and bring it back to the hive.

You can follow along with the Griesbach hive’s progress! Alvéole hives have an interactive page where community members can check on the hive and learn more about the local ‘buzz’.

Bees don’t eat anything other than nectar and pollen, unlike wasps, so they do absolutely no damage to the plants they harvest from and instead help other plants grow by spreading pollen. 

Installing hives in an urban environment requires minimal resources while bringing a flood of direct and indirect benefits! Notably social and ecological. Urban hives allow for the repurposing of an unused space, brings awareness to the need to ensure bees can thrive for the good of the environment, pollinates and helps plants grow in the urban area, and produces local, artisanal honey! 

You can help make Village at Griesbach even more welcoming to pollinators and our bees!
By planting gardens and ensuring we stay away from unhealthy chemicals, Village at Griesbach can be kept sustainable and bee-friendly! Our community partnered with local bee and gardening enthusiast Sharon Murphy to help put together a guide for planting pollinator-friendly gardens! To view her complete list of plants to help #SavetheBees, download our brochure!

Village at Griesbach’s Green Initiatives

In Village at Griesbach, all development plans require the preservation of mature trees and green spaces. In all development, mature trees either need to be saved or transplanted to other areas of the community. Not only does this beautify the community by ensuring there are full, large trees throughout, but it also helps our environment!

The community has committed to saving over 23% of land for the preservation and creation of parks, lakes, green spaces, and recreational fields.

This is far more than what is required by the City of Edmonton, meaning that Griesbach is one of the greenest communities around! We also have water recycling and retention policies that promote enhanced green space and park development with an implemented wetlands policy for waterfowl and animals.

When it comes to building houses, all of our builders follow built green standards to participate in the community, and we are registered Stage 8 in the LEED ND Gold program and received certification — Village at Griesbach is one of only three Canadian communities to achieve this world-class environmental status. One of our builders, Homes by Avi, is also a member of BUILT GREEN® Canada!
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How Can You Help Keep Griesbach Green?

Keeping Village at Griesbach a sustainable and environmentally friendly community is all of our responsibilities! Our community members are great at ensuring that our greenspaces stay clean and we avoid unnecessary harm to the environment. 

Here are a few other ways you can get involved in keeping the community ‘green’!

1. Plant wildflowers and other plants in your gardens to ensure that you’re feeding and attracting pollinators

2. Separate out your trash from recycling

3. Participate in a composting and organics program

4. Avoid watering your grass during dry seasons — you can use a rain barrel to collect water as a sustainable way to keep your grass beautiful

5. Avoid using harmful chemicals in your garden and yard