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A Master Planned Community

The Ultimate Urban Village Experience

Village at Griesbach is a master planned community, designed with the concept of an urban village and new urbanism in mind.

An Urban Village is, at its core, a community designed to put the quality of life of community members above that of vehicles

 That means Village at Griesbach was designed with narrower grid streets and tree lined boulevards. Urban village designs slow down traffic and improve streetscapes!

Other key elements include providing more neighbourhood gathering points through smaller community amenity or park developments, rather than large swaths of “passive public green space” in a few locations.

Village at Griesbach’s urban village design also features a commercial area created within the community to provide the efficient delivery of goods and services to residents without the need to get in the car and drive to a shopping centre. This makes new urban communities more self-sustaining and greatly improves the environmental efficiency of the community and its residents by lowering dependence on vehicle use.