Single family homes with beautiful curb appeal at the right price for your family!

One & Done

Village at Griesbach offers ease and peace of mind with One & Done pricing!

With One & Done pricing, the cost of your home, lot, landscaping, garage, deck, and fence is all rolled into a single, convenient payment! That means your entire new home, not just the house, is included in your mortgage, making things easy and avoiding any hidden costs!

Double Car Garage

Front & Rear Landscaping

Rear Deck

Yard Fencing

When your garage, landscaping, fence, and deck is separate from your build fees , the costs can really add up. Plus, you don’t need to worry about putting up a fence or arranging for someone to do it for you — everything is taken care of by your builder!

No need to spend your summer doing manual labour!

With Village at Griesbach’s exclusive pricing you can relax, enjoy life and get back to the fun with One & Done.

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