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Village At Griesbach is a community filled with rich history, rich amenities and flavourful businesses! Read more below about the many great restaurants, retail and services that there is to find in Village At Griesbach!

Village at Griesbach is a 15 Minute Community!

Everything you need, where you need it. A community designed to put quality of life of the community above that of vehicles. 

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Coveted Must Haves
In a Modern Community



Dance Company

Offering a sense of community through dance classes and camps.

Griesbach Dance offers recreational dance classes for children ages 2 1/2 to 13 years old. They run three sessions per season from September to December, January to March, and April to June, including dance and hip hop. All sessions feature an end of session dance performance.

The best part of living in The Griesbach Community is that it feels like living in a small town, but in a big city!

Our children all go to school together, play sports and dance together. There’s something extra special living where your neighbours are like family.

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Village At Griesbach has a wide variety of business that enrich the community. Here are just a few of the many restaurants, retail shopping and services that can be found near you!

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