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Village at Griesbach is a mature neighbourhood designed using the concept of an urban village.

An Urban Village is, at its core, a community designed to improve community members’ quality of life by putting walkability ahead of driving ability.

 This means that Village at Griesbach was designed with narrower grid streets and tree lined boulevards and a focus on beauty over driving. Urban villages also have essential shopping and services located within a community, allowing you to walk to your grocery store or hair appointment rather than needing to always get in your car. Another benefit of urban village designs is they slow down traffic, creating safer spaces for families to live and grow in.

Other key elements of urban villages include providing more neighbourhood gathering points through smaller community amenity or park developments rather than large swaths of “passive public green space” in a few locations.

By designing Village at Griesbach with increased walkability, local shopping, and plenty of parks and public spaces, the community is more self-sustaining and greatly improves the environmental efficiency of our residents. Our urban village design makes sustainability, walkability, and quality of life more attainable for our community members!

Aerial View of the Community Garden / Vue aérienne du jardin communautaire

Enjoy Griesbach’s Greenspaces

Village at Griesbach has dedicated over 23% of the community to the preservation and creation of parks, lakes, greenspaces, recreational fields, and lifestyle amenities

The standard allocation for amenities in Edmonton is 10% in most developments, but Village at Griesbach is dedicated to having the highest allocation of land to amenities in the city. The community has so many natural amenities for people to enjoy, such as tree lined paths, four beautiful lakes that wind from one end of the neighbourhood to the other, expansive greenspaces, and a 90 ft summit surrounded by 24 acre Central Hill Park. There are three playgrounds, including Maple Leaf playground which features a seating area and play equipment for all ages, and the multiple kilometres of walking trails ensure this neighbourhood provides plenty of places for people to live healthy, wholesome, wellness based lives.

Squirrel in a tree in fall / Écureuil dans un arbre en automne

Our Parks

Did you know that Village at Griesbach has parks sprinkled throughout the entire community?

A few of our parks include:

  • Sanctuary Wood
  • Perron-Berger Park
  • Central Plaza
  • Central Hill Park
  • Flanders Field Park

Lookout Points In Griesbach

Visit one of our many lookout points for gorgeous views and a fantastic place to sit back and relax! Whether you’re interested in taking your next profile photo or catching up with a friend, Griesbach has a variety of public gathering spots to enjoy!

  • Navy Plaza
  • Nonsuch Plaza
  • Bailey Bridge
  • Canadian Airborne Regiment Plaza
  • Hilltop Lookout
  • Air Force Plaza

Village at Griesbach Lakes

Village at Griesbach has four gorgeous lakes throughout the entire community. Each lake has seating and something to enjoy!

Maple Leaf Pond

Maple Leaf Pond is Griesbach’s newest and largest water feature. This water feature sits in the heart of the community and was built with accessibility in mind as it has wheelchair accessible pathways that circle the pond and accessible seating near the many pond features. Maple Leaf Pond boasts a community fire pit that is free for everyone to enjoy whether you want to roast marshmallows or simply enjoy the warmth as you relax. There is also a variety of outdoor exercise equipment surrounding the park, and you can also enjoy the pond from the view of our covered pergola!

In the winter months, Maple Leaf Pond will host a snowbank skating rink adjacent to the pond! Next to the outdoor skating rink there will be a warming hut to change into skates comfortably. There is so much to enjoy when you visit Maple Leaf Pond!

Aerial view of Maple Leaf Pond park / Vue aérienne du parc de l'étang de Maple Leaf
Aerial view of Roundel Lake / Vue aérienne du lac Roundel

Roundel Lake

Roundel Lake is in the northwest corner of the community and sits beneath our Ad Astra monument. Roundel Lake’s name is tied to the Royal Canadian AIrforce and is named after the roundels that are placed on Canadian military aircraft. This beautiful lake has benches along the pathways on the north side of the lake, as well as at the Ad Astra viewpoint.

Patricia Lake

Patria Lake honours the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and has walking trails surrounding the entire lake. At the lake there is a beautiful fountain, Bailey Bridge, and a plaza to gather with friends and family! Patricia Lake is located right near the entrance to the community by our General Griesbach Roundabout and the Griesbach Square.

Aerial view of Patricia Lake / Vue aérienne du lac Patricia
Aerial view of Bedford Basin / Vue aérienne du bassin de Bedford

Bedford Basin

Bedford Basin is located at the south, central point of the community. This lake honours the Royal Canadian Navy by being named after a large anchorage used by the Navy in Nova Scotia. The lake has walking trails along the north side of the lake with multiple seating areas, plus a beautiful lookout point shaped like a naval ship!

Shopping in Griesbach

There are so many fantastic shopping opportunities to choose from in Griesbach. In the southeast corner of the community is Griesbach Square!

This retail complex has plenty of shopping available whether you’re looking to shop for your pets at Bone and Biscuit, get some flowers at Funky Petals, or purchase essentials at Shoppers Drug Mart, you’re sure to find all you need in Griesbach! There are two other shopping areas in the community, Palika Bazaar off Ad Astra Boulevard and a commercial space in the northwest corner of the community!

Shopping we have available includes:
  • Drug stores
  • Pet supplies
  • Grocery stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Boutique shopping
  • And more!
Mother and daughter shopping for groceries in a store / Mère et fille faisant leurs courses dans un magasin

Services in Griesbach

Young girl in a dentist chair giving a high five to a dentist / Jeune fille dans un fauteuil de dentiste donnant un high five à un dentiste

The beauty of living in Griesbach is that all your essential services are located in a single spot!

If you want to walk to your hair salon or hop on your bike to head to the dentist, our three commercial areas throughout the community are conveniently accessible from anywhere in Griesbach! Services that can be found right in the community include:

  • Hair salons and beauty shops
  • Day cares
  • Hotels
  • Health and wellness services
  • Dentist offices
  • And more!

Restaurants in Griesbach

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack on the go or to sit down for a delicious meal, Griesbach has you covered.

 We have a variety of restaurant options available to help satiate your appetite without needing to leave the community.

Some of the cuisines and offerings we cater to include:

  • Coffee and Tea
  • Baked Goods
  • Fried chicken
  • Burgers
  • Mexican Food
  • Japanese Food
  • Donairs
  • Pizza
  • Ice Cream
  • And More!
Two children enjoying a pasta dishes in a restaurant / Deux enfants dégustant un plat de pâtes dans un restaurant

Amenities for Families

Village at Griesbach is the perfect place to raise your family.

The community hosts multiple daycare centres and has a wonderful elementary school, General Griesbach Elementary School, right inside the community! For families with older children, there are junior high and high schools just a few minutes away from the community. With two playgrounds, tons of expansive greenspace for playing and games, plus tons of walking trails, your family is going to love growing up in Griesbach!

A group of kids walking to school / Un groupe d'enfants se rendant à l'école à pied

Nearby Amenities

Village at Griesbach is located in North Edmonton, just minutes away from both the Anthony Henday and Yellowhead highways!

The community is only a 12 minute drive from downtown, making it a perfect commuter location. There are plenty of amazing amenities in the thriving area surrounding Griesbach.

Points of Interest Include:

  • Bus station
  • Future LRT expansion
  • Recreational Centre
  • Library
  • Multiple public schools
  • Easy commuting
  • Multiple shopping centres
  • Northgate Centre
  • Near by medical centres
Happy family singing in car / Famille heureuse chantant dans une voiture

Community Map

Village at Griesbach is a MASTER PLANNED COMMUNITY, meaning that the community’s urban planning and design was developed in its entirety from the very beginning. This helps commercial developments and lot stages be released in an efficient manner, as well as ensures that all streets, parks, lakes, and walking paths are planned in a way that benefits our community members. Griesbach has multiple lakes, parks, and amenity spaces to enjoy! You can use our community map to find all the wonderful amenity spaces within the community as well as the different kinds of commercial areas in and around Griesbach.