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Wrapping Up 2023 and Heading into the Holiday Season

2023 has been an amazing year in Griesbach! As we head into the winter holiday season, we wanted to look back on the fantastic events and updates our community has had! 2024 is going to bring so many new and exciting opportunities to our community, but let’s look back on some of our favourite memories!

New Stages and Development

New homes in a new stage

De nouveaux logements dans une nouvelle étape

Griesbach welcomed the future with open arms as new stages opened for purchase, providing residents with fresh opportunities to create their dream homes. Stages 27 and 24A became available. Stage 27, which backs onto Maple Leaf Pond, is almost completely sold out as our beautiful amenity lots have been built out! Beyond that, the groundwork for other stages began in 2023, offering even more options for those looking to become a part of our wonderful community. 

Northeast Corner: Planning and Layout in Progress

Excitement is building as Griesbach looks ahead to the development of the Northeast corner of the community. With careful planning and thoughtful layout considerations in the works, residents can look forward to a well-designed and thoughtfully organized expansion into the final quadrant of the community that will seamlessly integrate with the rest of Griesbach!

Maple Leaf Pond Completed Construction

Maple Leaf Pond completed construction.

La construction de l'étang Maple Leaf est terminée.

One of the most major milestones from 2023 was the completion of the much-anticipated Maple Leaf Pond. This picturesque amenity not only enhances the natural beauty of Griesbach but also offers an array of activities for residents to enjoy. Some of the most exciting features of the pond are walking trails, outdoor exercise equipment, a fire pit, plenty of accessible seating, and in the winter the large greenspace will become an outdoor skating rink! Maple Leaf Pond has quickly become a focal point for community gatherings and leisurely strolls.

Our Maple Leaf Grand Opening Party

Maple Leaf Pond Grand Opening Party

Fête d'ouverture de l'étang Maple Leaf

The grand opening of Maple Leaf Pond was nothing short of spectacular, drawing in over 800 visitors from Griesbach and beyond. The community came together to celebrate the completed construction of the largest amenity in the community. The joy and laughter of that day continue to resonate through the community as we had tons of food and treats, bouncy castles, balloon twisting, face painting, and more!

Griesbach Community League’s New Playground

In the spirit of fostering family-friendly spaces, the Griesbach Community League opened a brand-new playground near Ad Astra. This vibrant addition provides children with another safe and enjoyable area to play, reinforcing Griesbach’s commitment to creating an environment where families can thrive and children can make lasting memories.

Happy Holidays from Village at Griesbach

As the year draws to a close, Village at Griesbach extends heartfelt wishes to each cherished community member. Here’s to the memories made, the progress achieved, and the countless stories yet to unfold in the heart of Griesbach. Griesbach’s supportive and welcoming community members enrich our community, and as we bid farewell to 2023 and embrace the New Year, we wish you and your loved ones a holiday season filled with the warmth of community and a prosperous New Year!

Two women hug over gift.

Deux femmes s'étreignent pour un cadeau.

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