Top things to do in Griesbach this Fall

There are so many fun things to do in Griesbach in the fall! Village at Griesbach is a beautiful North Edmonton community that has plenty of fun activities for you to do with friends and family. As the air gets crisper and the leaves start to change colour it’s easy to wish for warmer days, but autumn is such a wonderful time of year! Read on to discover the top ways to embrace fall in Village at Griesbach this year!

Visit the Golden Hedge Row on 97th Street

Golden Hedge Row is a gorgeous part of Griesbach that draws crowds every year! The lovely trees that line the eastern edge of the community become bright shades of orange, gold, and red, and create a perfect photo opportunity! Take some friends or bring your family for an amazing fall-themed photo session. The rows of leaves are only bright and beautiful for a short while, so as the leaves start to turn make sure you head out to Griesbach!

Grab a Warm Beverage and Go for a Walk

Walking trails are for every season! Grab yourself a delicious warm drink and enjoy the crisp autumn air! Griesbach has multiple places to get coffee, from large chains such as Tim Hortons to locally owned shops like Paramo, you’re bound to find the perfect place. As you walk, you can visit all the historical monuments throughout the community to learn more about Griesbach’s history. Whether you want a pumpkin spice latte with extra whipped cream or you’re fine with a simple black coffee, a warm beverage as you stroll through the beautiful community is a fantastic way to enjoy the beginning of fall! 

Decorate with Autumnal Themed Décor

Decorating your home with autumn-inspired decor is a great way to get in the fall mood. You could add some beautiful gourds to your front steps, hang a leafy wreath from your front door, or choose to spruce up your home with shades of red and gold indoors! You can find lovely fall decorations all throughout the city, from throw pillows and centerpieces to autumn mugs and tablecloths, there’s so many ways you can embrace fall in your home!

Check Out the Community Garden’s Harvest

Fall often means a glorious harvest of fruits and vegetables, and that’s no different with Griesbach’s community garden! Whether you’re harvesting your own vegetables or simply want to stop by and see the plentiful fields and get inspired for next year, the community garden is a wonderful sight in autumn!

Go Shopping or For a Meal

The commercial areas in Griesbach offer tons of fantastic choices! Whether you just need some daily staples, are looking for fun lifestyle items, or are looking for a tasty treat, Griesbach has it all! Griesbach Square has all you could need, from a Shoppers Drug Mart and Bone & Biscuit to fabulous restaurants like Mt. Fuji, Ripe Tomato Pizza, and newly opened Scoop n Roll! Griesbach is also just minutes away from large retail shopping where you can find all the clothes, books, and home items you could possibly want!

There’s so much to enjoy in Griesbach during the fall! Grab some friends or take your family out to enjoy the plentiful offerings of the community. Village at Griesbach is one of Canada’s best communities, and that’s true in every season!

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