Infilling is Fulfilling in Griesbach

Infill housing can be an incredibly stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Village at Griesbach is the better option when choosing infill housing. The first step is picking your lot; you have to find a lot that is in the location you want with the right kind of development potential, and it also has to be properly zoned for the house you’d like to build.

Village at Griesbach takes care of all that. When you tour Griesbach, every lot is already mapped out and zoned. That means you can tour the entire neighbourhood for lots that will work for your dream home — never risk disappointment when you look at lots at Griesbach.

Once you’ve found the right lot to build on, your builder will take care of the rest. Your builder will do all your permitting and zoning, all you have to do is pick your new floorplan. Village at Griesbach provides you with One&Done pricing, which includes your lot pricing, permitting, and everything related to your house. 

Choosing to build your home in Village at Griesbach is the easy infill option, and it’s also the option that will save you money! Other infill housing options will charge you more for the lot, demolition of the old home, and building the new one.

Griesbach’s lots have no previous houses, so there are no demolition fees, and one and done pricing with your lot and home saves you extra money. Along with all these other perks, Village at Griesbach is a mature neighbourhood with beautiful trees and a great history, and it’s only 12 minutes from downtown and the river.

Village at Griesbach is the better infill option. With amenities and schools nearby, great parks and playgrounds within the community, and the ease of one and done pricing, there’s no competition, Griesbach is the best infill housing choice.